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3 months ago

Dillon Valley

0108 DEERPATH ROAD, DILLON, CO 80424, P: 970-368-1400


The school is closed for renovations for the summer. 
Tentative Office Opening is August 20th.
For Help: Please email Jody at

Hola Hello: August 22nd, 4-5 pm. Come and meet your teacher and drop off supplies.
First Day of School for 1st -5th grade: August 23rd.
First Day of School for PreK and Kindergarten: August 30th

School Hours

Monday 8:40 - 3:05

Tues-Fri 8:40- 3:55

Kids in their seats at 8:45 ready to learn.


New to Summit students complete an enrollment packet.

Dillon Valley Elementary

8 months ago

Dillon Valley Elementary Mission Statement

Dillon Valley’s mission is to understand and respect different cultures by developing high achieving, curious, lifelong language learners who take action to create a more peaceful world.

La misión de Dillon Valley es entender y respetar las diferentes culturas para desarrollar la curiosidad de los estudiantes de idiomas para toda la vida y que así tomen acción para crear un mundo tranquilo.

Registration for New Students

You must live within the school boundaries or have an Option letter signed by the principal. If you are new to the area, please contact the DVE office at 368-1400.

Inscripción para Nuevos Estudiantes

Usted debe vivir dentro de los límites de la escuela o tener una carta de Opción firmada por el director. Si usted es nuevo en el área, por favor póngase en contacto con la oficina de DVE al 368-1400.

CATCH afterschool program: Please call the Keystone Science School at (970) 468-2098 or email Annie Markuson at

CATCH después de la escuela: Por favor llame Keystone Science School al (970) 468-2098 o envíe un correo electrónico a Annie a

Registration for New Students

Summit Daily Article on Mother Tongue Day 2018

Lunch Schedules

about 1 month ago

Recess is after lunch.


Kindergarten 11:30 - 11:55

First Grade 12:15 – 12:35

Second Grade 11:55 -12:15

Third Grade 12:25 – 12:45

Fourth Grade 12:45 – 1:05

Fifth Grade 11:30 - 11:55

Tuesday – Friday:

Kindergarten 12:00 – 12:25

First Grade 12:45 – 1:05

Second Grade 12:25 -12:45

Third Grade 12:55 – 1:15

Fourth Grade 1:15 – 1:35

Fifth Grade 12:00 – 12:25

El recreo es después del almuerzo.



Kdg. 11:30 - 11:55

1er.grado 12:15 – 12:35

2° grado 11:55 -12:15

3er. grado 12:25 – 12:45

4° grado 12:45 – 1:05  

5° grado 11:30 - 11:55

Martes - Viernes

Kdg.  12:00 – 12:25

1er.grado 12:45 – 1:05

2° grado 12:25 -12:45

3er. grado 12:55 – 1:15

4° grado 1:15 – 1:35

5° grado 12:00 – 12:25

Elementary Student $3.25

Adult Lunch $3.50

Reduced Lunch Price $0.40

Milk $0.60

Lunches include milk

Please fill out an application for Free/Reduced lunch if you need assistance.

If parents want to eat lunch with their student, please sign in at the office and get a visitor sticker before going to the lunch room. If you plan on buying a school lunch you will need to let us know before 9 am in the morning you are going to be eating. Thank you.

 Breakfast: 8:00 - 8:45 

Elementary Student : $1.00   

Adults: $2.50

Precios de los Almuerzos

Alumnos de Primaria $3.25

Almuerzo para adultos $3.50

Almuerzo a precia reducido $0.40

Leche $0.60

Los almuerzos incluyen la leche

Por favor llene la forma para almuerzos gratis/reducidos si ustedes necesitan ayuda.

Si los padres desean comer con sus hijos, por favor de venir a la oficina y agarren su pegatina de visitante antes de irse a comer. Si usted planea comprar almuerzo de la escuela usted necesita dejarnos saber antes de las 9 de la mañana. Gracias

Desayuno: 8:00 - 8:45 

Alumnos de Primaria : $1.00     

Adultos : $2.50

District Master Plan

over 2 years ago

The Board of Education and key leaders in the District have been looking working on a new master plan that addresses short term and long term needs of facilities in the District.

Click here to see presentation schedule, link to the presentation and

Click here for building specific information.