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Dual Language
With the rapid increase of culturally and linguistically diverse students populating today's schools, changes in pedagogy, programs and practices that effectively addresses the changing demographics is not only necessary, but inevitable. In 2005, Dillon Valley implemented a dual language program. Dual Language Education continues to show great promise for the academic and linguistic success of language minority children, and for the development of biliteracy for all children. This approach emphasizes equality of educational opportunity for both English and non-English-speaking children through an educational process that validates and fully develops both languages and instills a mutual respect for both language learners. Our dual language model serves as vehicles for positively impacting educational and social change and eliminating the academic achievement gap that currently exists between our English and Spanish speaking children.

Dillon Valley was authorized as an International Spanish Academy (ISA) in June 2010 in Las Comillas, Spain. 


What is an International Spanish Academy?


This Program of Cooperation is intended to establish an International Spanish Academy in order to develop a quality Spanish-English bilingual education program which will promote high academic standards for all students, as well as provide them with the values of multicultural education, and sets as its goal to foster international relations and the understanding between cultures, preparing students to achieve oral and written competence in both languages for both academic purposes and interpersonal communication. High academic standards in the teaching and learning of both Spanish and English will be promoted in all projects and programs subject to this Program of Cooperation.



The Ministry, through the Office of Education and Science of the Embassy of Spain, offers the School, as an ISA, the following resources and programs:

II.1. Access to double academic accreditation.

II.2. Participation in the following programs:

Specialized visiting teachers.

Courses for teachers and school administrators in Spanish universities.

Scholarships for summer institutes.

Language and culture assistants.

School exchanges.


II.3. Professional development for teachers.

Organization of an annual seminar for constituted ISAs.

Specific activities for professional development for teachers in the United

States and Canada that will be organized by the Education and Science


Pedagogical consultation.

Materials and teaching resources.

Creation of a database of classroom materials and resources for ISAs

through the “Materiales” magazine and other on-line publications.

II.4. Participation in an ISA network in North America.

II.5. Connection with other Spanish and International organizations devoted to the promotion of the Spanish language and culture. In order to become an ISA, the School agrees to comply with the requirements specified in the Appendix I of this Program of Cooperation.



III.1. The School will be registered as an International Spanish Academy in the Office of

Education and Science´s School Catalogue.

III.2. The Commissioner of Education and Science, or the person designated by him/her, will supervise the observance of the provisions made by the agreement of cooperation

between the School and the Ministry. The School will submit an annual evaluation report

and an activities report within the month following the end of each school year to attest to the attainment of the proposed objectives and the requirements set out in the agreement.



IV.1. This Program of Cooperation is established for four years, and can be canceled by any party on demand, provided that at least six months notice is given in writing.


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