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Our students have a day full of learning.  When they finish school at 4:00 we feel it is important that they have some unstructured play time, participate in sports and/or the arts and of course time for the family.  This, aligned with research has guided us to the decision to only ask students to complete nightly reading. Research shows the best way to become a better reader is read. So, nightly practice will make a difference.  Reading is also a great family activity and we encourage families to spend time together enjoying a good book. If you find it hard to get nightly reading done at home, students are welcome to read in the library every morning starting at 8:15.  Although we know other subjects are just as important, research has proven that homework at the elementary level in these areas does not have the same impact on growth. We would be happy to share web sites and other resources in these subject areas if you are interested.  

Some teachers may do passion projects with students that will have some work outside of class, but these will not be used as part of their grades.

By Jody Vargo

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